About us


Le Management is one of the world’s leading management agencies led by a new generation of creative visionaries and industry pioneers. The agency was founded in 2010 by partners Jannick Lindberg and Martin Lyne and quickly became the benchmark for innovative fast-moving and first-moving actions striving to push boundaries through sophisticated strategies, a creative business approach and an inclusive mindset creating the best path possible to building dynamic and sustainable careers.

With offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Hamburg and Stockholm and more than 60 employees servicing clients worldwide Le Management has grown rapidly in a matter of few years. In 2018 a new department, Le Management Society, specializing in the art of representation of top talents within industries such as music, sports and acting was established under the direction of Michelle Hatchwell, international agent and cofounder of modeling agency 2PM. Le Management Society represents iconic top talent such as Helena Christensen.

Having one of the strongest scouting units worldwide Le Management has an innate eye for discovering fresh new talent and preparing them to collaborate with international top brands and developing them into both high fashion models as well as great commercial models. With a heartfelt passion, a family feel and strong sense of ethics Le Management supports the model every step of the way - and our client is first and foremost the model.

What sprang from a vision of rethinking the take on talent representation to make a lasting mark in the industry today is a renowned powerhouse with a solid network of firm relationships with top photographers, magazines and designers around the world. Le Management keeps challenging the status quo with a constant curiosity, a creative mindset and a true dedication all the while remaining true to core values and upholding the utmost ethical standards.